Long Range Router For Drone Connectivity

To connect your drone to the ground control station you need one LTE modem.

To connect onboard HD cameras we also provide you with video encoder expansion which allows you to stream live video stream from one HDMI and one USB camera. 

If you need to connect several on board devices to the private network we also have an Ethernet switch expander which allows up to 5 Ethernet cameras, LiDARs or other on board sensors to be connected together into the same network. 

We also have a flexible serial port expansion which gives you access to mavlink data over Ethernet – this is included in our starter kit below. 

Ground Control Router

To connect to your drone from your computer or GCS (ground control station) you need a ground unit that is to be connected to your PC. 

We have several options for different scenarios. Normally you only need a second LTE modem but for high reliability we provide a dual operator LTE modem and for office setup that is connected to broadband we have a much simpler 5-port LAN router modem. 

Every single one of these choices will automatically establish a secure private network with all your drones or vehicles – making them accessible from your PC or GCS. 

Case Study #1

Pilot is flying the drone line-of-sight (VLOS) and a remote inspector views flight information, telemetry and video feed remotely through the network (Beyond Line Of Sight – BVLOS)

Case Study #2

Pilot is flying the drone line-of-sight (VLOS) and an inspector is viewing flight information locally. Another copy of flight information and video feed is sent to the cloud for storage and logging. 

Case Study #3

Pilot is controlling a DJI Drone and receives video feed locally. Remote office is also able to view the flight information and information is also stored for future is in the cloud. 

Case Study #4

Autonomous BVLOS (beyond visible line of sight) operation over optional satellite (Irridium) link for guaranteed coverage.

How Does It Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

These clips are from live demonstrations of our products. To book your own online live demo simply pick a day and time that works for you here: swedishembedded.com/book-call

How Is This Networking Different From An IP Network?

A normal network is an open network where anyone can connect. This is what you get with a normal USB stick modem (with consumer SIM cards you also do not get possibility to share data plan between multiple devices). A VPN solution is different in that it establishes a network that is private. We have streamlined this process specifically towards UAV applications so that it is fast and reliable.

Why Do You Have Two LAN Ports In The Back?

Since we are targeting high speed data communications, Ethernet is a good standard way to interface with other devices on board. We also provide you with simple addon boards that interface to ethernet (such as serial interfaces and HDMI decoder/encoder) as well as ethernet expansion if you need to connect more than two devices. This gives great flexibility when building your on board network on your unmanned vehicle. 

How Do I Stream From Professional Camera With SDI Interface?

We have a special module for streaming video. When you get this module you can stream from HDMI and USB High-Definition Cameras. If you have a camera with SDI interface only then we provide you with an SDI to HDMI converter that you can easily use with the HDMI encoder module. 

Why Do I Need Your Dataplan?

There are two reasons basically. The most obvious reason is that our dataplan provides you with our cloud services and the fast VPN networking that automatically picks servers that are closest to you. The second reason is that you can have all your devices on the same data plan – which is very convenient. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dual Carrier LTE Radios Included In Enterprise Package?

For enterprise customers we offer a dual carrier option which provides a much more reliable connection where the drone unit can be connected to multiple LTE networks at the same time thus avoiding any LTE handover delays which can last from 50ms up to 1 second. 

What Do I Need To Get Started?

To get started with our long range drone data link solution all you need is two gateways – one for the drone and one for the ground station. When you get our starter kit below you get everything you need in order to get started. We will configure a network for you based on your data plan and the gateways will automatically connect to the network upon being powered up. 

Ready To Get Started?

To Get You Started Quickly We Have Put Together
A Quick Starter Kit For You

This kit includes everything you need in order to connect one drone with one ground control PC.

So you can get up and running in minutes!