How To Go From Product Idea To A Finished Electronic Product Involving Firmware And Hardware Design While You Validate Your Business Idea In 12 Weeks Or Less

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Case Studies Of Process In Action: From Idea To Circuit

Field Oriented Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor - Hardware & Firmware

Going from external motor drives to entirely custom modifiable hardware with schematic, pcb and embedded software for controlling 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors using field oriented control.

External embedded linux software used for sending commands to this motor drive over CAN-bus.

Precision traction control of a mobile robot to achieve <1mm precision of motion.

Higher level commands executed on linux board which communicates over CAN-bus to embedded controller board which keeps track of motor positions over a different CAN-network and communicates with 4 motor drive boards to control all 4 motors. 

The board also does many other things (irrelevant for the project). 

Embedded Linux (OpenWRT) CAN / Ethernet / RS-232 / GPIO Control Board

From idea to circuit linux control board with OpenWRT firmware. Uses CAN-bus to communicate with other embedded devices such as motor drives, sensors and encoders. 

If you have similar products, need help designing boards or developing Linux firmware – book a call. 

Linux Control PC

CAN/RS232 RFID receiver for quick reading of tags while in motion.

External control board running embedded linux uses CAN-bus to communicate with this board through CAN-Open protocol. 

STM32F1 RFID Designs

Embedded mobile crane controller for vehicle mounted movie production camera crane

2 industrial servo motors, joystick system, buttons, CAN-bus, display support. 

Two or more boards communicate via CAN-bus where one can be used as a control unit and the other for driving motors – or single one for performing both tasks – depending on the setup.

Crane Control Board Design

Precision optical motion sensor

CAN-bus precision optical motion sensor with laser distance and optical tilt measurement as well as onboard IMU.

Motion Sensor Design

Embedded Linux (OpenWRT) UI And Websocket RPC Server

JUCI WebUI with backend websocket server OrangeRPCd written in C running on a resource constrained embedded system with 64MB of flash.

Server scripted using an embedded Lua engine that uses OpenWRT bindings to retrieve data from the linux implementation. 

Used on tens of thousands of devices worldwide. 

OpenWRT Router Device
Mobile Responsive

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