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New In October 2022

Upgrade of all repositories to support Zephyr 3.2 and many small fixes to training content.

New In October 2022

This is a quick summary on key updates to this site and linked resources in October 2022.

Embedded Firmware Development

The main focus is right now adding more source code, hardware designs and useful content to the Embedded Firmware Development training.

  • CraneControl Hardware: added schematic, PCB layout files and an overview of the CraneControl hardware.
  • Device Driver Model: added introduction to working with device drivers in Zephyr using the device tree with links to relevant documentation as well as a short introduction to design patterns that can be used to simplify driver development.

CI DevOps For Embedded Development

There has also been a few bug-fixes and updates added to the now fully live training on setting up CI infrastructure for firmware development projects.

Docker Image

The docker image is available here.

  • Added "kibot" support that now supports implementing CI for hardware repositories. Using the updated docker image it is now possible to build gerber files, PDF of schematics, run DRC/ERC checks and more entirely on CI.

Platform SDK

The platform SDK is available here and includes several reusable libraries and scripts that can be easily included into a Zephyr based firmware project and used to add simulation and testing to the project without having to implement the infrastructure on your own.

  • Updated SDK to use new docker image with Zephyr SDK 15.1. The main major update to the SDK is that it is now using Zephyr 3.2 and corresponding build system (docker image) should be used with all projects using the SDK.