Embedded Hardware Simulation

Embedded platform simulation for connected embedded systems suitable for CI, testing and firmware development.

Using simulation we can build software when hardware is either not yet available, evaluate new firmware before hardware is ready and build stable software by running simulated tests on multiple connected devices without involving hardware at all.

We help you get simulation online and help you develop test case scenarios to verify your binary firmware before you release it.

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Better than software in the loop

Traditional software in the loop where you build your firmware application to run natively on Posix and mock parts of the system (such as physics) using software is already much much better than what most companies have as part of their development process.

However it is not enough. The main problem with conventional software in the loop setup is that you are not running the same code in simulation as you do in production.

This makes it impossible to say with certainty that you are testing actual behavior of the software.

Simulation based software in the loop completely solves this issue.

With careful attention dedicated to timing it is possible to make the software behave exactly like it would on the physical device.

The fact that you are also testing production binary means that you are always using production build of the software without any modifications introduced by testing. This is a major benefit to simulation based testing.

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