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Video-only approach is problematic

The biggest problem with videos is that it is not an optimal medium for several reasons:

  • It is just video - you can not copy and paste things from a video can you. So that is one problem.
  • Not possible to search - it is impossible to search a video unless there is a transcript.
  • Not possible to click on links in video - sure we can do this with youtube "cards" or some other hack but it’s still not optimal..
  • Requires sound and video - it is difficult to convey information within a video without also having sound.

What would be good to have

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something more:

  • Written content - so that you can easily copy paste the insights and click on links.
  • Code examples - so that it is easier for you to reproduce results right away.
  • Ability to search - so that it’s easier to find some part of the content.

Embedded Insights Newsletter

To solve all of these issues I’ve created the "Embedded Insights Newsletter".

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It is not a replacement for youtube videos and definitely will never replace youtube videos either - but it is a better medium for conveying valuable information than video alone.

What you get as part of the embedded insights newsletter:

  • Insights - this is content that doesn’t really fit into a training course or larger structured context - instead it is there simply to make you cognite on things faster and be able to see development from a slightly different angle.
  • Ideas - something that just pops up and is a really good idea worth experimenting with later (but also can not be fit into any of the trainings on this site)
  • Checklists and tips - reminders of important points around topics important for embedded development.

Given that there is already a community integrated into this site, all you have to do in order to get notified of insights is to become a subscriber.

What you get as a subscriber

As a subscriber (which is btw completely free), you get the following benefits:

  • Access to insights archive - insights archive is here.
  • Insights by email - you’ll get new content sent to you directly.
  • Discord community - you’ll be able to join community here.

How to get it

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