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Training Workshops

Get you and your team up to date on latest embedded firmware development workflows and best practices.

Who will this work for?

This training is for you if you are either an individual or a team and you want to get a full day of training focusing on topics that are important to you specifically.

It is not mandatory but beneficial if:

  • You have a hardware product.
  • You have some of your products deployed in the field.
  • You have source code for your existing project(s)


Martin Schröder (LinkedIn, YouTube) will be your instructor for this training.


Martin has 17+ years of experience of software development on linux systems and 5+ years of focusing almost exclusively in embedded firmware and hardware design.

Martin’s areas of expertise are:

  • Embedded RTOS firmware development: which includes threading, interrupt and device driver.
  • Linux software development: including OpenWRT and BuildRoot.
  • Hardware internals: including circuit board design and manufacture as well as internal workings of CPUs and circuit components.
  • Control systems design: including mathematics involved in designing control systems that run on embedded hardware.

What is covered

This training covers the following important topics:

  • 5 Steps To Continuous Delivery: docker based embedded firmware pipeline that guarantees full test coverage and user story coverage through the use of the renode simulator. We will do a practical implementation with you and your team.
  • Embedded Firmware Development: building, simulation, debugging and testing. After we have setup your firmware infrastructure we will cover the steps that are instrumental to efficient daily development work on your firmware project.
  • Embedded C Programming: design patters and embedded realtime application development in C. In this part of the training we look at the coding patterns that are important for effective interrupt handling, realtime response and structure of your C code.

What else is included?

As part of this training you will also get a proper overview of Swedish Embedded Platform SDK which already has all of the infrastructure in place for continuous delivery of embedded firmware. We will also cover integrating and reusing the source code for your own development so you can test, simulate and deliver high quality embedded firmware for your embedded products.

Q & A

Will you come to my office?

If you pay my plane ticket and hotel stay then I’ll come to your office and do a workshop on site. This offer however is about online workshop where I’ll be with you and your team for a day with screen sharing over a zoom link.

Will I have access to source code?

Yes. All of it. All of our software is open source and available to you under the terms of the Apache-2.0 license. You will checkout and build the source code as part of this workshop. In fact, by the end of this workshop I want to makes sure that you have a fully functional firmware pipeline setup on your free gitlab account.