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Long Range Unmanned Vehicle Routers

  • Long range connectivity for drones and UAVs
  • Plug-n-Play – power on and ready to go
  • 4G/LTE connectivity for unmanned vehicles
  • Low latency & high reliability (dual LTE option available)
  • Beyond line of sight operation
  • Adapters available for different autopilot systems

Learn Embedded Systems Development

  • Learn embedded C programming
  • Electronic Schematic Design
  • Electronic Circuit Board Layout
  • Firmware Development using RTOS
  • Linux software development
  • Get instant access and start learning today! 

Move Your Firmware Architecture To The Zephyr Platform

Zephyr RTOS And STM32L0 Power Management

  • Learn about the new power management architecture being development in Zephyr
  • Learn how device drivers can implement power management
  • Learn how stm32l0 is put into deep sleep to save power

Get Your Team Started On Zephyr

  • Learn how the zephyr build system is setup
  • Learn about setting up custom boards and drivers

Get A Roadmap For Moving Your Existing Firmware To The Zephyr Platform

  • If you have devices deployed in the field already and you need to ensure that your software will work on next versions – then this is for you. 
  • If you have many different devices and you want to run the same software on all of them so you have less maintenance work to do – then this is for you. 
  • If you have any electronic device whatsoever that has a microprocessor and you want to develop applications for it – then this is for you. 
  • Pick a time that works for you in the interactive calendar. 


I combine my experience in hardware design and embedded firmware development to bring you thorough understanding of the whole stack from application software down to electrical signaling on the circuit board. 

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