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Developing State Of The Art

Specializing in embedded software, robust CI/CD/DevOps for continuous software delivery, and cutting-edge solutions in embedded product development and test automation.

Empowering Embedded Developers

Discover tools, training and consulting that helps embedded developers go to the next level in building modern, reliable and maintainable embedded systems on budget and on time. Our focus is to enhance your and your team's expertise, streamline your development processes, and integrate cutting-edge technologies, ensuring your projects are not just completed, but masterfully executed as well.

Real-Time Firmware Expertise
Linux Expertise
Communication Protocols
Software Design
Project Planning and Execution

Main Services

Product Quality & Reliability

Leverage our expertise in operating systems and hardware to build efficient, reliable embedded systems with streamlined architecture capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously without complicating the overall system design, ensuring smooth, timely operation.

CI/CD & DevOps Infrastructure

Enhance your team's productivity with our full-stack DevOps pipelines. Focus on your firmware's core features while we automate your testing processes, accelerating your project deliveries and ensuring high quality results for each and every sprint you execute.

Skill Development & Knowledge Transfer

Empower your team with our knowledge-sharing strategies. Our consulting focuses on implementing effective documentation and communication techniques, fostering a learning environment in the team that leads to quicker delivery times and a more satisfied development team.

Zephyr RTOS Development

Make your products future proof by migrating legacy firmware to market leading Zephyr RTOS. We help you with porting existing firmware, development of new components and integration with newest communication protocols.

Linux Firmware Development

We help you with linux firmware development using the platform of your choice such as buildroot, Yocto or OpenWRT.

On-Demand Training

Increase your skills at your own pace using our on-demand digital courses.

On-Site Consulting

Hire a consultant to work directly on your team to facilitate direct knowledge transfer.

Latest Updates


Awesome Vim: A Modern Guide To A Fully-Featured Vim IDE Setup

In this comprehensive modern guide to Vim, you'll learn how to set up and customize your own fully-fledged Vim IDE for maximum productivity. From beginner to advanced features, this article covers everything you need to know to become a Vim power user. Start editing like a pro today!


By Martin Schröder

Firmware Consultant



Embedded Systemsimage

16 Essential Skills Of Embedded Product Development

Explore the essential skills for developing embedded systems with Swedish Embedded Consulting Group. From software development to hardware design and control theory, learn how mastering these skills can drive innovation and ensure product quality in the tech industry.


By Martin Schröder

Firmware Consultant




SLIP Networking Over UART with Zephyr RTOS

Discover how to enable networking on IoT devices without hardware ethernet interfaces by leveraging UART connections and the Zephyr RTOS networking stack. This guide explores setting up packet routing using UART and Linux, enabling communication with internet IP addresses for MQTT or CoAP messaging. Ideal for BTLE or LoRa-enabled microcontrollers in robotics, gateways, and sensing solutions.


By Martin Schröder

Firmware Consultant




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