We Build Embedded Software

We help you build stable, scalable and secure firmware for connected embedded devices.

We Are All About Building Firmware

The days of non-reusable firmware are over. As the pace of IoT development increases, so does the need to have code that can be ported easily across multiple architectures and platforms.

We assist electronic product manufacturers with building secure, stable, maintainable commercial firmware applications at scale for electronic products by applying modern test driven development and object oriented design methodologies to embedded systems.

We build firmware for:

  • Smart buildings
  • Pest control devices
  • Connected lighting
  • Asset tracking
  • Sensing & monitoring
  • Motor control

The State Of Firmware Today

A long time ago firmware was the low level application that was written to run directly on the chip it was written for and it had few if any abstractions. Code that was developed for a product was rarely reused and was often thrown away when a new product needed to be developed.

Today, the complexity of firmware - even for low end microcontrollers with 64KB flash - has increased a lot. Modern IoT sensors require wide array of connectivity options including Sigfox, LoRaWAN and NB-IOT. Some manufacturers of sensor and robotics solutions even create their own protocols in an effort to deal with the massive number of connected devices that all have to operate without congesting the network.

With this new complexity it is no longer feasable to develop code that you will later throw away when you build a new version of your product. Instead your code needs to be future-proof so that new iterations of the product can easily reuse existing firmware with only minor adjustments needed.

However, adopting old code to new solutions and making new code future-proof is not an easy task. It requires a wide range of disciplines and automated tools to assist developers in this process.


Interoperability today for connected embedded devices means high degree of connectivity. This involves connecting different protocols together and ensuring that data can flow not just from environment to a server solution but also between the different industrial systems and make up this data flow infrastructure.

We help our customers with connectivity in the areas of:

  • LoRaWAN - both low level radio chip driver layer and application layer.
  • LwM2M - for lightweight machine to machine communications
  • LTE - for long range connectivity
  • CANOpen - for wired communications in machine control applications
  • EtherCAT - for high speed control applications over ethernet
  • Custom RF - for any custom radio solutions that use programmable RF transcievers on the market today.

Getting Help

We help you solve many of the issues involved and much more. Swedish Embedded Consulting Group specializes on bringing life into hardware devices by developing the software that runs on them - the heart of the device - the firmware.

  • We reduce software complexity by cleaning up and refactoring legacy C code
  • We bring down the long term costs of maintenance by building cross-platform, tested and reusable firmware components
  • We ensure code quality through automation of code checks and instrumentation of code.
  • We enhance scalability by employing professional kernel development practices to build efficient low power consumption embedded applications.

If you are building a product that has any kind of programmable microprocessor in it then you need quality software that is easy to maintain and scale to 1000s of devices and multiple developers.

We can help you build this software.

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Each day you postpone bringing your firmware in order is expontially adding up to the technical debt of your product. It is important that you change this.

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