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Developer Resources

  • Python Primer: a python development primer that goes from basics to advanced skills in python development using code examples and quick demonstrations.
  • Gitlab CI Primer: this gives you an overview of Gitlab CI tricks you can do when building out your pipelines. Gitlab is absolutely priceless tool for large scale development in multinational teams working with embedded firmware and beyond.
  • VIM Primer: this is probably the most comprehensive written article about the ins and outs of how to setup vim for embedded firmware development. A fully packaged development environment is also provided to you as a docker image.
  • Debugging Memory Corruption: this is a small overview of simple GDB tricks for figuring out what is going on after a memory corruption somewhere in the firmware.
  • SLIP over UART on Zephyr: this is a rather old article but still useful as a quick introduction to networking over UART. This is very useful if you want to use conventional networking connectivity between devices that do not have a network interface (or simply for communicating with your device over a serial port).

Project Manager Resources

  • DevOps Primer: this is a series of articles covering most important areas that must be in place for smooth continuous delivery across multiple teams and projects. DevOps is the art and science of implementing continuous delivery in practice using tools like GitLab, Git, Ansible, Terraform and Python.

Product Owner Resources

  • 16 Skills Of Embedded Engineering: this is another older article that is also still relevant and covers core skills that every professional embedded engineer should have. A top quality team consists of individuals that each possess expertise in all of these skills and beyond.