DevOps Primer

DevOps consists of a series of practices which your team must practice every day in order to facilitate and simplify continuous delivery.

Continuous delivery means that your product is always in a working state and can be deployed at any time on demand. This reduces time to market and gives you confidence that your product is always in a working state ready to be deployed.

The following is a list of practices we will cover on this page.

  • Version Control: This section deals with implementing the right version control practices for ensuring traceability and reproducibility. With correct version control practices any older version of the software can be built again without issues using the same code that went into the original version.

  • Trunk based development: This prevents merge hassles and keeps all code in one place giving a single point of truth and paves the way towards effective continuous integration.

  • Continuous integration: This section covers continuous integration, common mistakes and how to improve your efforts with it.

  • Deployment automation: This section covers best practices for deployment automation in order to minimize manual effort needed in deployment process.

  • Continuous testing: This section covers testing and how to set it up so that it can be done automatically.

  • Continuous delivery: Here we cover guidelines for continuous delivery of features that may not be completed yet.

A solid way of working is absolutely essential for your team’s throughput. If you want to have a highly productive team you need to not just fully understand the agile philosophy - but also be able to apply it in the context of DevOps.

Martin SchröderMartin Schröder
16 years  of experience

About the author

Martin is a full-stack expert in embedded systems, data science, firmware development, TDD, BDD, and DevOps. Martin serves as owner and co-founder of Swedish Embedded Consulting.


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