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Embedded DevOps Training

Transform your embedded development team into agile, adaptable unit working together to rapidly and cheaply deliver value to your customers.

This training is aimed at maximizing team effectiveness for quick software delivery and high organizational performance of your team.

Total training content: 79 pages

  • Introduction. An overview of the content.
  • Version Control. This section deals with implementing the right version control practices for ensuring traceability and reproducibility. With correct version control practices any older version of the software can be built again without issues using the same code that went into the original version.
  • Trunk based development. This prevents merge hassles and keeps all code in one place giving a single point of truth and paves the way towards effective continuous integration.
  • Continuous integration. This section covers continuous integration, common mistakes and how to improve your efforts with it.
  • Deployment automation. This section covers best practices for deployment automation in order to minimize manual effort needed in deployment process.
  • Continuous testing. This section covers testing and how to set it up so that it can be done automatically.
  • Continuous delivery. Here we cover guidelines for continuous delivery of features that may not be completed yet.
  • Software Architecture. This section handles architectural strategies like micro-service architecture that makes continuous delivery possible and effective.
  • Scrum Workflow Learn how to split work into small batches suitable for continuous delivery.

Reasons to do this training

This training covers the following important areas of software development that are all highly important to implement for a highly effective team:

  • You want to have a clean git repository - so that the whole team can more easily work together.
  • You want to understand the principles of continuous delivery - so that you can work in small chunks, completing each chunk fully before moving to the next chunk.
  • You want to have an effective distributed git workflow - with code review - so that your developers can review each other’s work.
  • You want to have a better overview of tools - that are available to you for implementing CI and continuous delivery.
  • You want to have a proven devops process - so that you don’t have to struggle to reinvent it yourself.

How to enroll

This training is available to paid members only.

Membership offers you additional benefits such as:

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