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  • MCP23S17 Case Study: this is a case study of simulating an MCP23S17 SPI to GPIO converter using Renode and Swedish Embedded Platform SDK test benches.
  • Embedded Build Pipeline: In this post we go over build pipeline for embedded projects and essential things it needs to have that should never be overlooked.
  • Debugging Memory Corruption: one of the hardest bugs to find is random memory corruption. The causes can sometimes be stupidly simple - yet the fact remains that this can delay projects. We look at possible causes of this situation and how to debug it quickly using an example.
  • 9 Habits Of Continuous Delivery: we look at the importance of continuous delivery thinking and how important it is that it permeates all thinking around your project and why this is important.
  • 7 Habits Of Effective Version Control: we look into 7 essential habits of good version control using git as it applies to embedded firmware development.
  • 3 Frameworks For Embedded: we look at 3 essential frameworks for embedded development that cover simulation, continuous testing and build configuration.

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